Lonnie Riggs and Richard Riggs started leveling farm ground in Weiser, Idaho in 1982 while Lonnie was a senior in high school. Lonnie's dad, Richard Riggs, had previously owned a restaurant in Weiser, Idaho while running the leveling business until Lonnie was out of school. In order to focus his operations more to land leveling, Richard sold the restaurant, and together they created Laser Land Leveling. It wasn’t until 1986 that they Incorporated to create Laser Land Leveling, Inc. They started out renting all of the required equipment but were soon able to get financed to purchase their first scraper and laser.

As time progressed, the company started to evolve and adapt to meet a larger market demand of commercial and subdivision type work. To do this, LLL had gone from one land leveling scraper to a fleet of heavier, industrial Cat scrapers and all of the support equipment.

The projects continued to grow larger and more complex, therefore requiring the integration of GPS equipment and in-house model building/design work to generate the product that these projects require.

Around this time Levi Riggs, Lonnie’s son, started working with the crews when he was 9 years old. He grew up learning to run every piece of equipment that LLL owned, and was running the crews before long. After he graduated high school, Levi studied Construction Management at BSU for two years before being involved full time. Shortly after being married, Levi’s wife, Chanelle started working in the office and became manager a couple of years later. Levi’s children, Haygan (13) and Taylor (7) have a serious interest in keeping the tradition of being family owned and operated going, hopefully putting LLL at four generations. Haygan is interested in learning the ropes of operations outside the office. He enjoys learning how the equipment runs and operates along with what it takes to keep them going. He enjoys hanging out with his Dad on smaller jobs, in the office, and helping LLL mechanics in the summer at the shop. Taylor on the other hand is intrigued with the computer part of the business and can’t wait for dad to show her the ropes on model building, how to compile bids, and do the invoicing. She also enjoys helping in the office, from filing, sweeping, and the occasional shredding.